Clinical Journal 25/04/2016

Unilateral Implant Case

The diagnosis in this case is root fracture due to a traumatism at tooth no. 12. Moreover we are facing a gingival recession on tooth no. 11 and this one had already a root canal treatment applied and massive composite restoration which lead to a lack of aesthetic harmony.
The treatment consists in a dental implant ( MIS V3 ), with soft tissue graft in order to restore the lateral tooth. The gingival profile is copied using the surgical alveolar model which maintains the same gingival architecture of the tissue. For the front tooth (no. 11) we chose a feldspathic ceramic crown and for the canine (no. 13) a thin ceramic veneer with a sub-gingival prep margin in order to improve not only the papilla at the dental implant level but also the volume and the harmony between the two quadrants.

Full case will be presented at MIS Global Conference in Barcelona, on May 26-29, 2016, by Dr. Gustavo Giordani.



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Published: 25 04 2016 Last review: 16 10 2018
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